The amount of available photos of wanted criminals is limited, and many are outdated for decades, which make them insufficient references. This situation has led to the public’s lowered expectations for the arrest of wanted criminals and a decreased level of concern for the issue.


We used the latest AI-powered image analysis technology to predict the current appearance of wanted criminals based on their past photos and available information, and created a campaign website and posters.

The introduction of new technology to the investigation enhanced the existing issue's newsworthiness, and raised people's awareness.

In addition, by creating a form on the campaign website for anyone to effortlessly enter any tips about wanted criminals, we freed people from the burdensome act of having to make a phone call to report.

To generate the predicted appearance of wanted criminals, we used three AI models. We generated nine patterns of predictions for each criminal, with consideration of changes in body shape, and showcased them on a campaign website.

  • Targeted five most wanted criminals.

  • Generated nine patterns of predictions for each criminal.

  • To easily submit any information, we created a simple report form.


Overall Reach:
200 Million + users

94 million users

34 million users

73 million users

This service has updated how police in Japan carry out investigations, and not only is it being applied to the investigations of wanted criminals, but also the search of missing persons.