Analyizing your personality through your social media posts

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uno is a cosmetics brand aimed at young men. The brand concept is based on the desire to “support young people who are trying to change from teens to adults.” Currently, young people in Japan have lapsed into a state of “Social Media Dependence.” Everyday, they are desperately trying to show off their online selves. uno started a campaign to help people become adults, not only in terms of appearance, but on the inside as well.


With this background, we found that someone’s posts on social media reveal that person’s personality and individuality.


There must be a connection between someone’s social media posts and that person’s personality. So, we created a service using deep learning, that analyzes your personality by combining the results of self-analysis with words you have posted on social media.


Visits to the website during first 2 weeks: 100,000 users
Shares on social media: 25,000 times
Accesses to the product site increased: 606%

Voices of Social Media

My results were similar to those of written test.


This feels like a great leap forward.


uno, AMAZING! How can it know this much about me?


uno SOCIAL BARBER has been covered by numerous news, fashion and tech media outlets. We made people feel like adults, not only on the outside, but on the inside as well.

How This Works

In the uno SOCIAL BARBER, users' past posts on Facebook or Twitter are retrieved. With an original personality analysis algorithm based on deep learning, this service extracts predictions of each user’s psychological tendencies and interests. In addition, depending on the psychological tendency, it also proposes advice on how the user can get closer to adulthood inside and out.
uno SOCIAL BARBER consists of three steps: Investigation, analysis, and experience.

STEP 1: Investigation

In order to correlate psychological tendencies with social media posts, we conducted egogram surveys with multiple testers, using New Edition TEG II (edited by the University of Tokyo Medical School TEG Study Group). At the same time, we collected information on their social media posts such as average number of posts, post frequency, positive/negative rate, and emotional content rate).

STEP 2: Analysis

Using the machine learning algorithm deep learning, we analyzed the testers’ egogram survey results obtained from Step 1 and their posts on social media. We associated their psychological tendencies (egogram results) with their social media posts.

STEP 3: Experience

In uno SOCIAL BARBER, the score of your psychological tendencies is calculated by submitting your social media posts to the personality analysis algorithm constructed in Steps 1 and 2. Through a personalized movie, you will be informed of the categories you are classified into among 29 personality types, as well as receive advice on hairstyling and how to become an adult inside and out.

Screenshots of personalized movie experience

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